ARPAS – The Symbol of Today’s Professional Animal Scientist

All successful certification and licensing programs are targeted to serve and protect the public’s interest. Modern agriculture, like all of segments of society, is becoming more complex. More government regulations and controls require that practicing professionals establish accountability by means of registry and certification programs. In today’s business climate, producer and industry clients want assurance that they are getting advice from certified professionals who stay on the cutting edge.

By completing the requirements for registration, maintaining your continuing education units, and adhering to the code of ethics, ARPAS registration provides you with a new level of recognition to help you distinguish yourself to your clients as a Professional Animal Scientist.

Why was ARPAS established?

  • To register professionally competent Animal Scientists
  • To provide a mechanism to sustain their professional competence
  • To enhance their professional stature and credibility
  • To strengthen and promote the profession of the animal sciences
  • To provide a means for those in industry, companies, and consulting to establish and maintain professional recognition

Categories of Certification available:

  • Professional Animal Scientist (PAS) – based on degree, experience, examination, & CEUs. (Can begin as an Associate Member and then advance to Full Membership)
  • Registered Animal Specialist (RAS) and Registered Animal Product Specialist (RAPS) – based on experience, examination, & CEUs. Ideal for individuals who have not completed a college degree program but have established their credentials by significant experience, examination, and relevant continuing education. (Can begin as an Affiliate Member and then advance to Full Membership)
  • PAS and RAS/RAPS registration can be in one or more of the following species/product areas: Aquaculture; Beef Cattle; Companion Animals; Dairy Cattle; Horses; Laboratory Animals; Poultry; Sheep; Goats; Swine; Meat Science; Dairy Product Science; Poultry Products; Feed Management Certification; and Dairy Nutrition.
  • Available to Full PAS Members of ARPAS who want to enhance their credentials or certification. Board Certification in a discipline is the highest level of certification awarded by ARPAS and is available to members of ARPAS who have attained a minimum of an M.S. degree in the appropriate discipline. Board Certification is available in:o Animal Behavior
    • Animal Food Science
    • Animal Genetics
    • Animal Nutrition
    • Animal Physiology

The Board Certification Program is administered by the American College of Animal Sciences.

  • Board Certification is in a specific discipline of animal science: American Colleges of: Animal Behavior; Animal Food Science; Animal Genetics; Animal Nutrition; Animal Physiology.