Payments & Sponsorships

To receive the Chapter membership discount please make sure to log in with your user name and password and click the link below go to the Member Payments page

member payments sponsorships

Conference Proceedings for CEC $25

Miscellaneous Dollar Amount Donation
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CEC Registration & Sponsorship

Conference Registration for California Chapter ARPAS Members  $190        click here

Conference Registration for National Arpas Members $265

Conference Registration for Non Arpas Members $335

Conference Registration for Students $75

CEC Bronze $100

CEC Gold $500

CEC Platinum $1500

CEC Silver $250

‘Bang for Your Buck” Sponsorship

Trapshoot Marksman $2500

Trapshoot Sharpshooter $1500

Trapshoot Deadeye $850

Trapshoot Sniper $500